Your local farm – a family business in Slamannan

Roanna has lived all her life at the farm in Slamannan and has developed the business with her father, Ian. The farm has been in the family for over 150 years and each generation have updated and put their own stamp on how things are done. Roanna has a passion for all things natural, alongside her father she uses two polytunnels and 3 acres to grow produce throughout the year. Using traditional husbandry methods, Ian and Roanna believe in providing the animals on their farm with the highest welfare and spend much of their time ensuring this is achieved. Roanna has grown their beef shorthorn herd alongside the flock of blackface ewes, the farm also stocks free range pigs and hens and even Milton the donkey.

Your Local Farm is based at Balquhatstone Mains in Slamannan and have been providing locally grown fruit, veg and meat since 2000, to its customers in the local area. We provide a box scheme of fruit and vegetables alongside our own meats, that are delivered direct to your home. Initially setup as a ‘local producer’s cooperative’, we have now been organized into ‘Your Local Farm’.

Many of the fruit and vegetable varieties on offer are grown on the farm in Slamannan. However, Roanna also has close relationships with over 11 small growers in the area, and further afield – in the Central Belt of Scotland, who supply freshly grown fruit and vegetables. The fruit and vegetables are grown using traditional farming methods, with minimal interference. While we strive to produce as much as possible, we accept our customer’s desire for a wide and varied selection of produce. Therefor if necessary we hand-select quality produce from the famous Glasgow fruit market. Please feel free to ask where any of the produce comes from.

Our happy pigs are reared outdoors they can root around in the earth, wallow in the mud and on sunnier days they can either lay out in the sun or shelter in their hut. Our long established beef herd includes traditional breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Beef Shorthorn, they benefit from a life enjoyed outdoors in clean air, with access to a wide diversity of herb rich grassland. Our production is not forced and as a result the product has real favour, our beef is butchered locally and hung for a minimum of 30 days. Our flock of black faced ewes are well suited to grazing free-range on our farm, they are a traditional breed that enjoy life outdoors and their slow growth on a diet of grasses and wild plants produces a tender and richly aromatic meat. We are very proud to be a member of Quality Meat Scotland Assurance Scheme which ensures the highest welfare standards.

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